Stories of resilience
in the face of a
global pandemic.

Life Changes

People across Australia are doing it tough. Facing the ongoing challenges posed by this crisis. In this content series we've listened to, and captured the stories of, some of these unique Australians who're going through Life Changes right now.

We're focusing on individuals because at Youi, we’re about insurance for individuals. Take a look around. Explore the Life Changes stories, and if your life has changed, why not submit your own. Then make sure your insurance is about where your life’s at right now. You could save lots.

For better or worse, life has changed.

The individual you were six months ago is different to who you are now. How you work, how you get to work. How you think. How you live and communicate are all likely to have changed somehow. That’s why we created the Life Changes series – to highlight that everyone everywhere is dealing with their own changes. Just like you.